The new world of Figure Skating

Twirling Ice princesses and handsome male skaters are a common scene in the world of competitive figure skating. The Olympics captures close ups of perfectly manicured features looking intently at marks after 3 minutes of gracing the ice for the judges and audience by twirling, jumping and balancing on an impossibly thin blade.  Although it may look effortless, it is not. Years of training and sacrifice are required before even touching the tip of the iceberg in this very demanding sport. That is perhaps why it is Canada’s passion.

Although figure skating is an individual sport, most skaters share a strong bond as they move through the discipline. From the first steps on the ice,  a helping hand in the form of a good friend, coach or parent is vital. Many young skaters look like Bambi when they first take to the ice in a learn to skate program at the local arena. It is endearing to see young children slip and slide and then find their balance, hold strong and feel victorious for just simply standing up on skates. The whole family gets involved as parents have to learn to let go and stand behind the boards as they watch their child learn to move in a whole new way. The feeling is not unlike their very first steps. Once children learn the important basics, it becomes safe to skate as a family, creating the most magical winter memories and moments that will not soon be forgotten by all. The outdoor skating rinks across Canada are a way of nature providing a magnificent backdrop to experience healthy living as a family.

The beauty of starting kids off in Canskate, is that they learn skills in a group setting and if they really love the sensation, they are sent off into private lessons where they remain for the rest of their amateur career. Once they have acquired skills and are years into the sport they can be placed with a dance or pairs partner or try out synchronized skating. The creative process using musicality as a medium to perform extremely complex athletic moves, is what brings figure skating to the next level as a sport.

“You just fall in love with the cool wind in your face and the sound of your blades to the ice…”

– Anonymous  

There are so many positive elements as a result to years of skating.  Opportunities to travel the world performing and doing what you love! Creating new concepts, entrepreneurship, design, creativity and transmitting your passion through coaching!  So sign your children up, as it is a magnificent time to take up a sport that is not only extremely athletic but also incredibly artistic. Keep the dialogue open with your kids and we can finally take a closer look at figure skating. We can add humanized commentary thanks to social media and support the brave few starting new trends. Embrace the sheer beauty of the sport. Figure skating is a necessary cultural and athletic institution in the great white north and the world!