How do you skate on the Glisse synthetic ice?

The Glisse synthetic ice surface was designed by Chantal Fry with a Canadian manufacturer using new and enhanced technology.  Although not exactly like real ice, it is surprisingly similar, versatile and meets the needs of Figure skating movements and blades.

 Will the Glisse Synthetic Ice surface damage the floor or stage?

No, the Glisse synthetic ice surface was designed to meet the highest quality standards and we use a protection between your floor or stage and our surface. The ice is similar to a cutting board and will not leave marks or dents. All Glisse professional skaters wear protective guards on their skates.


 What kind of surface does the Glisse synthetic ice need and will it melt?

The Glisse ice does not melt and can be set up on any flat surface, dance floor or stage, indoors or outdoors.

Do you provide a large public skating rink with boards and rental skates?

Yes! We provide a full service synthetic skating rink system for public skating.


 How long does it take to set up and dismantle the Glisse synthetic ice surface?

For a standard dance floor or stage, we have designed a system to set up the Glisse Ice floor in 30 minutes and dismantle it in less than ten minutes following our performance. It will not disrupt the flow of your event. We can customize this for your specific needs. 

Can we choose the music or costumes and how many skaters we want for the show?

Yes! We will send you our existing repertoire of shows and price points based on ice size and amount of skaters, however we love your input and customize our show to suit your event perfectly. Contact Chantal and have fun creating!


 What do you sell in your shop?

We love everything skating and have curated a perfect collection of skating protection and apparel manufactured in Canada delivered straight to your door! So you can skate safely in style!

 Do you give skating lessons?

Yes! We are professionally certified skating instructors and can teach beginners to advanced in private or group lessons. Lace up your skates and book a lesson with us today!